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The following specialized services are all delivered through a conscious capitalistic lens. I approach solutions with the environment and social justice in mind, in addition to your bottom line. In my experience, you can have the best of both worlds and that is what I'll work to achieve for you.

Market Research

Whether you're a start up or an established business, being in the know is always a good thing!

I can help you decipher the market conditions 

will determine risk and steer your strategic approach.


Great ideas shouldn't
be wasted due to a lack of capital...and too many are.

As an experienced fundraiser, I can help you develop a fundraising strategy that sets you on course for upward movements. 

Business Model DESIGN

In a competitive world, efficiencies, benefits, and a unique style separate the winners from the rest. 


I can help you develop a working business model that generates upward profit mobility that doesn't sacrifice your social

and environmental values. 

Strategic Planning

Knowing where you're going is instrumental to affecting change and inspiring others. 


As an experienced facilitator, I can help your team navigate the strategic process to ensure that it is inclusive, insightful, and in the end, rewarding. 

Website Development

Looking to build a startup site or modernize your existing site? I can help you strengthen your online presence. 

Web developer preference is (this site) but I offer experience in WordPress and ModX programs as well.


Your brand - how it is perceived - is the most valuable asset you have.


I can help you formalize a brand strategy that captures your strengthens, generates buzz, and helps you realize your potential. 

Communications and social media

Have a great story to tell but not sure where or
how best to tell it? 


I can help you streamline your communications to mitigate useless work/costs while fostering a loyal constituent base for your company.

Organizational Development & Culture Building

People are the lifeblood of any organization and the internal culture that exists can can make or break your bottom line.


I am extensively trained and experienced in building cultures that inspire innovation, spark trust, and retain members.

The first step? Reach out and let's get the conversation started on how I can help you conquer your mountain peaks.

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